How to make an
appointment to
see an osteopath?

You can book an appointment directly with an osteopath or you may be referred to an osteopath by your doctor or other healthcare professional. Osteopaths are trained to see you without a referral. If booking directly, it is recommended that you tell your regular doctor that you are also seeing an osteopath or ask your osteopath to contact them.

Your first consultation

Your osteopath is trained to understand how the parts of your body and body systems should work together and what happens if you are experiencing pain, discomfort or have an injury. This session will last for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, so check when booking. Sometimes, no active treatment or management may take place in this initial consultation.

Case history and assessment
Physical examination


Costs of osteopathy treatment vary, depending on the clinic and whether you have a private health insurance plan. Often an initial appointment is longer and more expensive than follow-up appointments.

You can check costs and appointment times when booking. Nearly all health insurance plans will fund osteopathy for appropriate conditions. It is worth asking the insurer if there is a limit per session or an overall limit for osteopathy services.

Find out what you may be able to claim