Interactive Body Map

Osteopaths treat more than bones. Tell us where it hurts and find out how osteos may be able to help you so you can get on and do the things you love.


Clenching or grinding? Painful jaw? Jaw pain is very common, affecting up to 60 to 70% of people. Many patients benefit with the right management. Talk to your osteopath.


Neck pain is very common and will affect most people at some point. Many things can cause neck pain. Talk to your osteopath as you may experience less pain, increased movement and relief from headaches following treatment.

Chest/Upper Body

Sore ribs can be painful and uncomfortable. The vertebrae (backbone) move with the ribs attached to them. Stiffness between the back and ribs can lead to sprains and may result in discomfort getting out of bed, deep breaths, coughing or sneezing. Talk to your osteopath for treatment and advice.


The shoulder is a complex joint and a common source of pain. 1 in 3 people will experience shoulder pain regardless of age or fitness. Talk to your osteopath today about your options to reduce pain or discomfort.

Upper Back

Sitting too long at work? Spending too much time on your computer? Do you feel mid or upper back stiffness and pain? Talk to your osteopath about how manual therapy, exercises and ergonomic advice may help.

Lower Back

Low back pain affects about 1 in 6 Australians every year. Pain is often caused by muscles strain or joints in the back. Treatment, exercises and helpful advice can help get you back to the things you love. Talk to your osteopath today.


A common source of arm pain may be related to the neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist, as the arm has many muscles, tendons, nerves and other tissues connecting from shoulder to hand. Your osteopath is interested in the whole you, so talk to them today about your arm pain.


Elbow pain can be much more than tennis elbow. Many elbow injuries are caused by overuse and quite painful. Talk to your osteopath today to identify the source of your pain.


Sprains, tendon injuries, carpal tunnel, trauma or arthritis! With over 25 bones, numerous tendons and muscles in the hand and wrist they are complex, injuries are common and pain can have a significant impact on daily life. Talk to your osteopath today.


Pelvic pain affects 1 in 5 women and 1 in 12 men at some time in their life. Your pelvis is a complex connection area between your legs, spine and the rest of your body. Osteopaths take a whole body approach. Talk to your osteopath today if you have pelvis pain.

Sacrum and Tailbone

Don’t let a sore tailbone be a pain in the backside. These problems are easily confused with low back or hip pain. See your local osteopath for advice and treatment.


The hip joint is the largest joint of the human body and carries up to 5 times your body weight when active. A sore hip can really impact your daily enjoyment. Osteopaths are trained to find out what is going on and help you get back to the things you enjoy.

Upper Leg

Pulled your hammy? Corked thigh? Whether you are an elite sportsperson, a weekend warrior or you just like to walk, speak with your osteopath about the best approach to manage or prevent injuries.


The knee is a major weight-bearing joint and one of the most frequently injured in the human body. Many conditions can be managed with the right combination of advice, exercise and treatment. Talk to your osteopath today.

Lower Leg

The calf muscle (at the back), the shins (at the front), the Achilles tendon (which joins the calf to the heel) can all be injured or strained. Talk to your osteopath about the strategies right for you and to help you with preventing further problems.


Sore feet or ankles can really reduce the spring in your step. Problems with your feet may result in pain in your knees, hips or back. It’s important to seek help when you feel pain or when your normal activities become difficult. Talk to your osteopath today.