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Having a clear head is something that we often take for granted. But when you experience ongoing headaches, migraine or dizziness, you very quickly realise how much you appreciated that clarity.

Conditions affecting the head are some of the most misdiagnosed and poorly treated conditions worldwide but did you know that osteopathy can help with these conditions?

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Conditions affecting the head
Osteopathic management of conditions affecting the head

Headaches, migraine and dizziness disorders are some of the most common conditions that people experience worldwide and they negatively impact people’s lives in many ways.

Some osteopaths may also treating concussions and post-concussion syndrome.

Finding an osteopath with the knowledge, training and skills in these fields is vital to ensure that you are being thoroughly assessed, diagnosed and treated properly for your condition so that you receive the best outcomes.

What the evidence says


Manual therapy



Research has shown that manual therapy for the head and/or the neck or jaw muscles may give some short-term relief to adults with headaches not caused by a serious health condition (Cerritelli 2017; Bronfort et al 2001; Chaibi & Russell 2012).


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Studies have found that manual therapy and needling on the back, shoulders, head and neck may relieve pain for adults with migraine not caused by a serious health condition (Chaibi et al 2011). This finding supports an earlier Cochrane Review which concluded that manual therapy for the upper back and neck exercises may give short-term relief to adults with migraine not caused by a serious health condition (Bronfort et al 2004).


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