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Conditions affecting the arm

Apart from the elbow, your arm has many important muscles, tendons, nerves and other tissues connecting your shoulder, the upper and lower arm – all the way to your wrist and hands.

Sometimes pain in other areas might come from the arm. For example, shoulder pain could actually be caused by the tendon connecting the bicep to the shoulder. Hand and wrist pain could be caused by problems in the nerves in your arm. Osteopaths know all these interconnecting links between different parts of your body.

Forearm pain can sometimes be caused by overuse – such as too much time on a computer, or too much of one activity. Tell your osteo what activities you do, and they will work with you to manage your way back to being pain free.

What the evidence says

Some studies suggest that exercise therapy may help people with work related upper arm disorders. Results were stronger for strength training of the neck and shoulder than for other exercises, such as endurance training or stretching (Ryan 2008).


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