International Osteopathic Healthcare Week

International Osteopathic Healthcare Week

15-21 April 2024

Move better with osteopathy

International Osteopathic Healthcare Week brings together the global community of osteopaths to celebrate and promote the work of the profession. The aim of this awareness campaign is to educate patients and the wider public about osteopathy as an allied health profession and how osteopathy can help them to manage their pain, and improve their general health and wellbeing.

Working from home a real pain for  Aussies

New research shows that despite the work-life balance benefits of working from home, the ergonomic set-up of our home offices – or lack thereof – is now being linked to a rise in pain, with a quarter (25%) of Aussies reporting an increase in pain since they started working from home.

1 in 6
Australians live with chronic pain every day.
1 in 4
Aussies are in more pain as a result of working from home.
1 in 2
Office workers report a recurring pain or niggle.

Don’t worry about your pain. Do something about it!

One in five Australians will experience persistent pain at some point in their lives.

Pain is our in-built alarm system, warning us that something might be wrong. Pain is a perfectly normal response, even if it is inconvenient and disruptive. A lot of the time, pain does not indicate severe damage, and often injuries will heal completely.

Did you know that worrying and being fearful of your pain can actually make it worse? Find out more about how osteopaths can help you understand why you have pain, and manage it safely.

Let’s get you moving and grooving better.

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Dave's story: A pain in the neck

When IT engineer Dave started working from home, he soon noticed a pain developing in his neck.

“I had worked in IT for 16 years before the lockdown and although it’s technically a desk job, I was still quite active during the day – I’d be up and moving during my train commute, in between meetings and when out working on client sites,” Dave said.

“But this all stopped once I started working from home – I probably spent all day in front of the computer for two years, I stopped exercising and my posture was terrible due to poor office ergonomics.

“I started to feel this unbearable pain in my neck and when I sought treatment from an osteopath, I discovered I had an acute neck injury from a disk bulge which landed me in a neurosurgeon’s office.

“I was worried that I’d need surgery, but thankfully I started to improve after appointments with an osteopath every two weeks and referral to weekly appointments with an exercise physiologist.

“I am so lucky that it was caught early, it could have been so much worse if I had waited to get help. Now, after changing my office ergonomics and receiving regular treatment, I am feeling so much better and have been able to avoid more invasive interventions,” he said.

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Neck pain and ergonomics

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