Medicare rebates

Medicare rebates

Medicare rebates are available for osteopathic services provided under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Program. Your osteopath can also refer you to undertake some X-rays, which may be eligible for a Medicare rebate.


Chronic Disease Management
(CDM)  program

The CDM program aims to help patients manage a chronic condition (a condition that has or will likely be present for at least six months) through a multidisciplinary approach. Osteopaths work as a part of a multidisciplinary team, providing treatment for a range of chronic musculoskeletal conditions (a condition to your bones, muscles, joints, tendons or nerves).

Your GP is responsible for creating and reviewing your CDM care plan and will provide you with a referral to an osteopath for a certain number of sessions, which is up to the discretion of a GP. An updated report with your progress and treatment will be provided to your GP by your osteopath.

You will be eligible for a Medicare rebate on the cost of the osteopathic sessions that are covered under your CDM care plan. Some osteopaths may bulk bill these sessions, meaning that the Medicare benefit will be used as the full cost, and you will not pay any out-of-pocket expenses. Alternatively, osteopaths may charge a ‘gap fee’, which is an amount you pay above the Medicare benefit to the provider. While the amount charged will vary between practices, the practice should always inform you if they charge a gap fee, and what this fee will be.

Your Medicare rebate can be processed either on-site through an EFTPOS terminal or online. Alternatively, if you are claiming the service online, via post or in person at a MyGov service centre, you will be provided with a receipt.


Medical imaging

You may be able to claim a Medicare rebate for some X-rays referred by an osteopath. These include examinations of the:

  • Hip joint
  • Pelvic girdle
  • One or more regions of the spine

When referred for medical imaging, check with the imaging provider about the Medicare benefit amount and whether there are any gap fees.