Move more every day for a healthier you

Move more every day for a healthier you

June 13, 2023

We all know exercise is important, it’s stressed at every stage of our lives. It can make us be healthy, feel better and even reduce pain and stress. But when you’re stuck on a desk, a chair or in a car, what exactly can you do to add a little movement to your day?

Here are seven extra ways to move more everyday:

  1. Do the 40:15:5. Sit for 40 minutes. Stand for 15 minutes. Move for 5 minutes. Every hour. Make every minute count;
  2. Making calls? Walk and talk;
  3. Downtime in front of the telly? Tune in and tone up. Exercise and stretch while you tune in to your favourite show;
  4. Take public transport? Get off one stop earlier;
  5. Making a coffee? Try marching, stretching and moving your body as the kettle boils;
  6. Getting the mail? Do a few laps up and down the driveway;
  7. Need low impact? Hop in the local pool and walk laps or swim.

By incorporating daily movement into your routine, you unlock a world of benefits for your body – from improved circulation and flexibility, strengthened joints and muscles, and enhanced mental clarity. Embrace regular movement and discover a healthier, happier you!

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