Healing Hands: osteopathy as a career

Healing Hands: osteopathy as a career

January 15, 2023

Do you want to help others and make a difference, as a university qualified professional? Osteopathy can offer you a satisfying and fulfilling career in healthcare.

Osteopathy is one of the fastest-growing allied health professions in Australia, with osteopaths in every state and territory in the country. The profession contributes over $500 million per year to the Australian economy, with the number of registered osteopaths continuing to grow each year.

As an osteopath, you’ll explore the intricacies of the human bod y and help people on their journey to wellness.

The essentials?

  • An interest in science
  • Passion for how the human body works
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Problem solver and dedicated attitude
  • Commit to a four to five-year university degree and lifelong learning to retain accreditation

If clinical work isn’t your calling, an osteopathic qualification opens doors to the world of healthcare beyond private practice. Your knowledge will equip you for varied opportunities in education, consultation, and research.

Studying to be an Osteopath

Osteopathy is a regulated profession in Australian and must be university-trained.

Course length varies depending on which university you attend, but you will need to study four to five-year years study, full time, to achieve your qualification. The training involves practice placements where you can get first-hand clinical experience.

Currently, osteopathy is taught at:

How can you become an osteo? from Osteopathy Australia on Vimeo.