Osteopathy is keeping the Olympic dream alive

Osteopathy is keeping the Olympic dream alive

February 28, 2024

Osteopathy is keeping the Olympic dream alive

“Breakdancing’s debut at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is a historic moment for our art form. Physically, ‘breaking’ demands incredible strength, flexibility, rhythm and poise. It’s a full-body workout, and it stretches your capacity for what you thought possible. Mentally, it’s an art of self-expression, vulnerability and play, where you face and overcome your fears in a quest for mastery. It’s the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, I am constantly humbled and am forever learning.”


Fauntine Lariba, an osteopath and professional breaker (breakdancer), shares how osteopathy keeps her pain-free and in optimal condition as a Paris 2024 Olympics hopeful.


“The knowledge I have as an osteopath informs my training, recovery, injury prevention and injury management –it’s been highly beneficial to my career as a dancer. My personal understanding of movement and the mind is unique, and so I can offer my patients a lot. I’d say my combination of breaking and osteopathy has been complementary.”

Fauntine works as an osteopath two days a week, in the remaining five days she trains, competes and performs as a B-girl (female breakdancer), as part of the Australian National Squad.


“I think of osteopathy as a way to optimise my body and its natural healing abilities, using hands-on techniques that ease tension and improve the mobility of my muscles, bones, ligaments, and connective tissue. All of this helps my body restore itself to balance after an injury or trauma.”


Fauntine has found a rhythm and balance with osteopathy, allowing her to stay in optimal shape for her performances.


“Osteopathy has played a significant role in allowing me to compete at the highest level in breaking while keeping my health in check. By addressing any issues before they become major problems, I can maintain my body’s resilience and ensure I’m able to perform at my best. My breakdancing journey is about more than winning competitions. It’s about personal growth, facing fears, mastering movement, and having a great time whilst doing so.”


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