Department of Veterans Affairs

Osteopaths may provide services to Australian veterans. To access Department of Veterans Affairs services, you will need a referral from a GP, specialist, treating hospital doctor, hospital discharge planner or an osteopath with a current referral. Learn more here.

The Department of Veterans Affairs also advises that people may be able to receive osteopathic services if they have a clinical need and a:

  • Veteran Gold Card. DVA will pay for osteopathic services to meet your clinical needs.
  • White Veteran Card and the treatment is for an accepted service-related condition. This means the DVA will pay for osteopathic services related to your accepted injury or disease.

When booking with an osteopath, have your DVA card ready, so your eligibility can be checked.

Note your osteopath must be able to provide services under Medicare, so confirm that they do this before accepting an appointment slot. Tell your treating osteopath the name of any other osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor who has provided you with treatment during the previous 12 months. This will prevent your current provider from experiencing difficulties in claiming payment for services provided to you.

If you are eligible and have followed the required procedure, your osteopath can claim directly from the DVA for an eligible service they provide to you. You should not have to pay anything out of pocket and osteopaths are not permitted to charge a gap fee to DVA clients.

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