National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Self-managed and plan-managed National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants may access the services of osteopaths to help with functional movement, physical skill development or disability-related health support goals funded by the scheme. NDIS clients who self-manage an individualised funding package must consult their NDIS case manager to check if osteopathic services, such as functional and therapeutic services, can be funded under the NDIS.

If you are a self-managed client wishing to access an osteopath in your community, you need to:

  • Send your current approved NDIS support plan to your chosen osteopath.
  • Ask the osteopath to talk to you about how they would help to meet your support plan goals. Unless you have funding for disability-related health supports, your osteopath may not be able to give you hands-on therapies, and the osteopath will outline other strategies to help you. These may include exercise programs and activities for you to perform at home, or with your carers.

It is important to ask your osteopath for written points about how they would help you to meet your support plan goals. If you are self-managed, these written points may be useful for your annual acquittal of funding. And, if you are plan-managed, they can be given to your plan manager and used to support your decision to see an osteopath.

Information for NDIS participants

Find out more about how NDIS participants can see an osteopath within a support plan and make sure you find the right healthcare professional for you and your needs.

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