National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants

Information for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants about how they can see an osteopath. Learn how you can see an osteopath within your support plan and make sure you find the right healthcare professional for you and your needs.

Supporting disabled people

Can I see an osteopath using my plan funding?

If you are a plan-managed or self-managed NDIS participant, you may see an osteopath to help with physical skill development or disability-related health support goals.

Your support goals are in your NDIS plan. Your NDIS plan says what the scheme is funding you to achieve. Osteopaths can help with some support goals, mainly to do with how your body moves for daily activities.

If you are plan-managed, talk to your plan manager first about your support goals and ask about the types of clinical professionals that can be involved.

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How can I find the most appropriate osteopath for me?

  • If you have movement, physical skill or disability-related health support goals, you can find an osteopath in your area by using Osteopathy Australia’s Find an Osteo tool. This tool will help you identify osteopaths who are members of Osteopathy Australia. Alternatively, you can search for osteopaths in the Yellow Pages.
  • Send your NDIS support plan to your preferred osteopath
  • Ask the osteopath to tell you how they would help meet your support plan goals. Unless you have funding for disability-related health supports, your osteopath may not be able to give you hands-on therapies, and the osteopath will outline other strategies to help you. These may include exercise programs and activities for you to perform at home, or with your carers.
  • Ask the osteopath(s) for written points about how they would help you to meet your support plan goals. This will help you, or you and your plan manager decide if an approach is reasonable for you. These written points may also be useful for your annual acquittal of funding and for your plan manager’s records.
Find an osteo
Find an osteo
Safeguarding disabled people

Safeguards for NDIS participants

  • Osteopaths are bound by a Code of Conduct (Section 3.5) that says they must involve you in your care. They must give you clear information and ask your permission to give you support. This is known as ‘informed consent’.
  •  The Code of Conduct (Section 3.8) also recognises that there may be clients with additional needs and identifies key elements of good practice in managing the care of these clients.
  • You can contact Osteopathy Australia for information on good practice in osteopathy and standards for Osteopathy Australia members, or to provide feedback and suggestions.
  • Client-centred care is a core element of osteopathic practice, and your osteopath will talk to you about your needs and preferences and work with you to plan and implement strategies to help you achieve your goals.
  • Osteopaths are also required to ensure their knowledge and skills are kept up to date, and Osteopathy Australia members are provided with access to a range of continuing professional development and other learning opportunities to support them in knowing how best to work with you as a participant.
  • If you have not been able to resolve an issue or have serious concerns, you can make a complaint to:

NDIS information for participants

The NDIS has produced a series of booklets explaining the planning process and how you can get support.

Visit the NDIS website for more information
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